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we so quick to jump to conclusions but there's always two sides to the story #jeopardy

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19...18...17...days left! #30till30i was called "cave woman" because i was working in the office without the lights on... enough light comes through the windows, right?! 😂 i played #volleyballin some flats to keep my new tattoo safe, my foot was only a little swollen after... finally, today, we started off the weekend with some #jeopardy and @wheeloffortune just our kinda #memorialdayweekend #yeswereanoldmarriedcouple😂 #weekendstartsnow #oldmarriedcouple #indoorwork #firsttattoo #noshame #fridaynight #nopantsdance

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ross on tonight's #jeopardy episode has a powerful resemblance to mr. carrey in me myself and irene. major cop motif on this fella. #fridaynight #mustache

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@jeopardy i watch #jeopardy this evening when virginia ousted josh virginia won $35,201 in final jeopardy round

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#repost@rittigers 🤓🐯 ・・・ we'll take "that excited feeling you get when you are a clue on @jeopardy!" for $2,000 please alex #jeopardy #rit

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we'll take "that excited feeling you get when you are a clue on @jeopardy!" for $2,000 please alex #jeopardy #rit

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i missed yesterday’s @jeopardy but here’s the recap. i may miss tonight’s episode as well so look out for that recap over the weekend. usually i don’t like to recap shows i’ve missed but returning champion josh’s streak is just too impressive not to watch. yesterday he played against challengers kristen and tom. kristen led the game through the first round thanks in part to categories about recent fiction and french artists. tom found the first daily double early on and lost but was able to rebound quickly. in double jeopardy, tom and kristen battled it out while josh remained on the sidelines. part way through the round however, he found and won the second daily double and followed it up with a string of correct answers. though he did have some setbacks and missed the last daily double, he scooped up enough points in the closing moments of double jeopardy to jump into first place. it was impressive. final jeopardy was about geographic terms. alex said the judges wouldn’t penalize players for misspelling this answer, how thoughtful. tom was wrong and lost everything. kristen nearly doubled her score with a large wager and correct answer. josh was also correct and also made a large enough wager to cancel put kristen’s new lead. he won first place and adds a seventh day to his returning champion streak. final jeopardy’s answer was, “what is an isthmus?” if you manage to see tonight’s episode before me, no spoilers please! . . #jeopardy #todayonj #jeopardylife #alextrebek #gameshow #television #josh #champion #winningstreak #geography #isthmus

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io vorrei fare la pace ma lanciamo dei missili / e scusa sai ma non ci penso più m’hai fatto a pezzi l’amore ma adesso non ci casco più... @frah_quintale @sonogiorgiopoi #missili #raggae #jeopardy #indieitalia

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college scholars hosted a game of jeopardy in ward's multipurpose room friday afternoon, complete with category titles such as "sweet carolina,” “ships don't lie" and "wonder walls.”

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think he was big mad or little mad? 😂😂 | #dykrappeople #hiphopjeopardy #hiphop #jeopardy in #nyc on 05/31 | there will be #openbar #food #giveaways+ #nbafinals will be shown for all the #nbafans! come through, have a drink & food, play some #jeopardy or cheer your friends on! oh, and enter to win these #nipseyhussletickets + #beyonce #jayz tickets! | doyouknowrappeople - 05/31, 7pm - 258 johnson ave, bk 11206 | buy your tickets now! limited tix will be sold at the door: dykrappeoplenyc.eventbrite.com